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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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While beautiful shoes may give you beautiful wedding pictures, comfortable shoes are vital for actually letting you enjoy your wedding. This means picking a style that you are used to walking in and choosing a low to medium heel. Your wedding day is not the time to try a new open-toe shoe with ten-inch spike heels.

If you wear a style of heels you're not used to, you increase your chances of stumbling and hurting yourself, or, even worse, hurting your dress. Issues such as broken heels, twisted ankles and torn hems all become real risks if you're not able to walk in the shoes easily.

After considering the fit, think about the style. Simple shoes look wonderful with a fancy dress, and elaborate shoes can look spectacular with a simple dress. Consider the hemline, and think about matching shoe material, color and decoration accordingly.

An easy way to match your shoes to your dress is to pair it with the neckline. If you have a sweetheart neckline, try to repeat the shape with the opening of your shoe. Likewise, a scoop neckline would lead to a scoop-styled shoe. However, this is never a hard and fast rule, so make sure to play around with the styles to find the best look for you.

No matter the style, always wear your wedding heels around the house before the big day. Make sure to stay indoors and on clean surfaces to keep the shoes looking perfect. This practice will get you used to the particular shoes and help break them in before the wedding, as well as give you a chance to scuff up the sole a little for traction.

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