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Saturday, January 1, 2011

wedding flower bouquets

wedding flowersA bride's bouquet sets the tenor for the look and style of the wedding. A number of factors are taken into consideration when the choosing the style of the bridal bouquet. It should reflect the personality of the bride, complement the wedding gown and the bride's proportions, as well as harmonize with the overall style of the wedding.

Traditionally it is thought that a more petite bride should carry a dainty posy or nosegay. These are lovely choices, but it is also possible to create a very delicate cascade of flowers that befits the stature of a smaller bride. While a taller bride may carry a larger more lush bouquet, it is also quite possible for her to pull off carrying a single dramatic flower or a sweet posy. Whether you are daring or demure, hip or traditional, formal or casual, we are happy to help you find the bouquet and style of wedding that brings all the essential elements together into the perfect expression and reflection of you and your union.

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