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Sunday, July 25, 2010

wedding shoes

bridal shoesI think someone at Cole Haan knew I was getting married this year because they JUST launched their bridal shoe collection! It is not the biggest collection but they do have some pretty ones in there. On that special day every girl wants to be their most beautiful and also be as comfortable as possible especially when they are on their feet for the whole day. I have been a major fan of Cole Haan shoes because of concealed Nike Air sole, that makes a huge difference in comfort. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them, because I am the girl who loves a 3 to 4 inch heel, but will constantly complain when my feet hurt. These shoes keep me quiet because I can literally walk all day in them. The soles of your feet never feel the concrete because it's floating on little pillows in the soles of the shoes. I know, you might not believe me, but try it out one time when you are at the shoe store and I'm sure you will totally agree with me

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