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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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shoes collection"So, you choose your shoes have not" bridesmaid asked me this morning?. I looked at him with blank expressions and he immediately knew that I was putting this off topic until the last minute. "You could not delay this until the eleventh hour, Lara" admonished! He was me and slammed down a dozen or so bridal magazine under my nose and asking me to choose the style that I like.

Honest shoes are not really my expertise. I do not really modelesque and will want to wear stilettos for my wedding but I'm afraid to admit that I am also a clumsy by nature. I do not want my train trip or a hijab or anything that stands between me and my boy on his way to the altar. If that occurs prior to the live broadcast of the Miss Universe (believe me that!) So be bad if it happened to me on my wedding day?

After perusing the magazine together, I have compiled a little list of what I want to be my wedding shoes:

1. Heel size
I finally decided against fancy stilettos. Yes I look good standing up straight but I would not if I fell facedown. During rare times that I actually wear high heels, I admit that is not prioritized and comfort as a result of the heel and my toes hurt like hell! So this decision I would pick my wedding shoes with kitten heels.

2. Toe style
Wow I did not know this is an important aspect, thanks Julie (it was my bridesmaids). I definitely want an open-toed styles to show off a pretty pedicure. =)

3. Cloth shoes
When it comes to fabric, I'll be spoiled for choice! There are so many types of fabrics that I find it hard to choose just one. I'm really leaning toward silk for oh so soft and luxurious! There are other options too: satin, velvet and lace (lace bridal much support because they complement the dress perfectly) but I do not really like the last! Because it would be difficult to pair it with dress should I want to wear it again. OR I could go with really contrasting, eye catching appearance and wearing leather shoes! He he.

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