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Saturday, April 24, 2010

bridal wedding shoes

wedding shoes

bridal shoes

Hi all, I am back from my Genting & KL Trip with my family, including my HTB.

Anyway, I did tried to look for 4 inches heels while in KL, as I am required to wear due to my height to wear a nice gown.

I am not too sure, is it a MUST, but i guess it is PREFERRED to.

So, I did found a 3.5inch heels which I thought mayb i can use it as my wedding shoe on the Actual day.

But was informed by their locals that brand is not v lasting, hopefully it wont fail me on the actual day, so i guess have to trial run a few times.

Anyway, during the shoe-hunt, I realized they have alot shoes that may be suitable for the wedding …..

I didnt search in Singapore, but from ppl that I knew and forums that I read, it is not an easy task to get a suitable wedding shoes and also cheap.

Brands like Leapin Lizards can cost up to 200++

Btw i bought mine at 119RM (SG50+) at Malaysian Vincci. In their departmental stalls, they also carried International Brands.

Other Malaysian brands include Padini, Nose…etc

I knew my fren can get from Departmental Shops like OG, or Tangs? But may not be an easy task.

Another friend, told me she went to Bangkok and get 2 pairs both at 30-40SGD….

So i guess, if you wan to get cheaper shoes, you have to start hunting early, oso why not during a short getaway trip to nearby cities like Bangkok or KL? Or better, with your HTB….spending time tog!

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